Maya Perry

by Alison Roberts | 15.11.17

There’s a misconception that art embodies an inherent sincerity, but I haven’t found that. Instead, I see a surplus of talent, a saturation of work, self-branding as a means of survival, and an aversion to risk. There is the status quo—and then there is Maya Perry.


2.23.40 PM

A visual artist and musician, Perry is young, unrivaled in authenticity, and with the raw talent to match. Her visual work probes the subconscious, representing human physicality as a vessel of communication. Brilliant and vulnerable, Perry’s work provides a universal language for the physical and intellectual space we all occupy.


Drawing inspiration from dreams, traumas, and everyday living, Perry’s work is motivated by themes of self-documentation and repetition. While Perry herself can be seen in each work, the figures remain genderless, portraying an uncompromised view of emotion and human relation.

11.58.00 AM

2.24.01 PM

“I believe that once the human body experiences great pain, physical and emotional, it gets stored within the subconscious, [where it] begins to take different kinds of forms and expressions. It can become massive; it can become tiny. It can swallow and throw you up at the same time. It can be gentle and it can be out of control.”


In a digital age where we have the capacity to portray ourselves however we wish, honesty becomes the less obvious choice. Scouting unchartered territory, Perry’s work creates a space where expression is redefined—a place of risk and sincerity.

Find more of Maya Perry’s work on her Instagram
Listen to her band Laila לילה on Bandcamp


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