Galia Pasternak

by Alison Roberts | 18.12.17

Teach Me Paining Brother, Image Courtesy of the Artist

Now open at Tel Aviv’s P8 Gallery, Galia Pasternak’s latest solo show, Tiger Fashion, explores the relationship between the artist and society, placing Pasternak, and the many roles she occupies, under examination.

Disrupting the male canon, Pasternak’s images ignite a dialogue between historic and contemporary structures of power. Appropriating from classical imagery, the artist’s portraits make no distinction between sentiments of authority and vulnerability.

Evading logic and revealing a window of reality, Tiger Fashion examines Pasternak’s role as a student, teacher, artist and mother. In Teach Me Paining Brother, Pasternak inhabits the body of a student. At the mercy of classical tradition, she stands exposed, as the vision of her male teacher guides her portrayal.

In Come Matisse, I’ll Pose For You, Pasternak inverts the dynamic, placing herself above history’s influence, as she sits above and casts a gaze downwards towards Matisse. Drawing inspiration from Fauvism, modern humor, and Pasternak’s own imagination, Come Matisse, I’ll Pose For You, acknowledges the inequality inherent within artistic tradition, while presenting a visual and comical alternative.

Come Matisse, I’ll Pose For You, Image Courtesy of the Artist

At a time where the artist as a female and as a mother comes under constant scrutiny, Pasternak’s works show no sign of shying away from the complexities, anxieties and victories of life.

Tiger Fashion runs through December 30th.

P8 Gallery, 1 Hapatish Street, Tel Aviv
Thursday 16:00-20:00
Friday-Saturday 11:00-14:00


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